Bouquet Shape

This is an important part of your day! This will show up in most of your Posed Pictures and Ceremony Pictures!


classic round

Classic Round: Any sort of ratio of greens to blossoms, but definitely kept together nice and tight! 80's babies tend to flow this direction!

teardrop & light cascade

Teardrop/Light Cascade: We are moving into a slightly modern 70's cascade bouquet! A bit of an upside down tear drop, we can add a bit more cascade depending on your mood!


loose round

Loose Round: Definitely round, definitely not uniformly compact like the Classic Round!
Early 90's babies tend to flow this direction!


natural round

Natural Round: Moving from Round, to Loose Round, and landing on Natural Round! Natural Round definitely has a rounder shape, but lets certain aspects revert to their natural wild habitat! A favorite among brides these days!


natural contained wild

Natural Contained Wild: Lots of contrasting words in this name but it comes out gorgeous! There is a lack of control in this bouquet but it is definitely on a leash and a few steps away from looking like fields from an apocalypse!



I call this one "Queen Elle"

This. is. a. statement.

For the Queen in you.

yas queen.

ratios && maths

Sounds tricky-- it's easy! How much greenery do you want mixed with your blossoms!


boho AND elegant! From a little flower comb to and full on crown