Let's not let our feathers ruffle.

Guess who is back to chat some more?

Like I said, some things here will be slightly touchy subjects!

Here is today’s: Tipping your florist.

“Whaaaaat? But I already paid so much money for the flowers!” So my question to you is this: if you go to a restaurant, and your bill is $152.80 (because why not) and you say to yourself “Well this is a high bill, and I paid for my food, so no need to tip.” That kinda sounds preposterous doesn’t it?

For some reason, so many people perceive services from their wedding vendors as just that. Clients also tend to think that “well they are already making too much money off of me!” But that’s like saying you won’t tip your hairdresser, your waitress, pretty much anything service related. I don’t know about other businesses, but we charge what is necessary to get things done and not go under as a business! I am not tacking on fees and charges just for funzy-wunzies!

Now calm down and hear me out! -- I’m not asking for money. I’m not asking for tips or gifts or anything you wanna call it! I’m here reminding you that when a service is performed, we tip those who served us. (At least in these parts of the country!)

Did you not enjoy working with your vendor? - pay their invoice and hit the road! We spend so much time chatting with clients about their dreams and ideas and wants and needs, many times we become friends! But remember, these are small businesses. We do a happy dance when we get a booking!

Just a short little chat today, but think it over and move on from there!